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To determine your correct bra size, two simple measurements are taken.  You can do this at home yourself, but it may be simpler and yield more accurate results if another person takes the measurements.  We recommend seeing a professional bra fitter if possible.

To Measure for Band Size


  1. Begin by wearing your best-fitting bra.  Make sure it is not a padded or minimizer style, or a sports bra.  It can be underwire or wire-free. 

  2. Measure around your bra directly underneath your bust, holding the tape parallel to the floor.  Make sure you are pulling the tape tight – this measurement must be snug.  Round to the nearest whole inch.  For example, 30 3/8” rounds to 30”, while 30 5/8” rounds to 31”.

  3. Find your corresponding band size on the chart below:


27”- 29” = 32 band size
29”- 32” = 34 band size
33”- 34” = 36 band size
35”- 39” = 38 band size
39”- 41” = 40 band size
42”- 43” = 42 band size
44”- 45” = 44 band size

To Measure for Cup Size


  1. With your arms at your side (or on your hips if someone else is taking the measurement), measure around your body at the fullest part of your bust.  Again, the tape should be straight across your back and parallel to the floor.  Pull the tape measure so that it is just touching, but not tight.

  2. Round to the nearest inch, as you did with your band size.

  3. Subtract your band size measurement from the cup size measurement.  The difference, in inches, is your cup size.  Refer to chart below:


1” difference = A cup
2” difference = B cup
3” difference = C cup
4” difference = D cup
5” difference = DD cup
6” difference = DDD cup
7” difference = G cup
8” difference = H cup

For example, if you measure 30” in the band, you are a 34 band size.  If you measure 38 inches around your bust, you subtract 34 from 38 for a difference of four inches, making you a 34D.


Please note, these measurements are a guideline.  Measurements alone do not always provide a completely accurate size, as every woman is proportioned differently.  For best results, see one of our experienced bra therapists for a personal fitting.




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