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Karen Thompson founded Lace Silhouettes Lingerie in 1988 when she opened the flagship store in Peddler’s Village in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Thompson was passionate about creating an intimate apparel brand that went beyond the average shopping experience to truly satisfy what women want – personalized, knowledgeable service, a welcoming, comfortable environment, and affordable luxury that makes them feel beautiful and confident. She had a vision for a store where real women would experience a truly remarkable shopping environment, and where every customer would be treated like a friend, as though they were “a guest in our home”.


This remains the core concept of Lace Silhouettes Lingerie today. We carry the brands that women love, as well as unique items that can’t be found in department stores. At Lace Silhouettes, every woman deserves to indulge herself regardless of age, size, or price range.


Today, Lace Silhouettes has expanded to two additional store locations in Princeton and Cape May, NJ. We continue to stay true to our vision of empowering and inspiring women to look and feel great.

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