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Every woman should have a number of different bra styles in her bra wardrobe.  Different cuts and shapes are ideal for different clothing styles, and the following looks will ensure you always have the right bra to complete your outfit.


We recommend that your bra wardrobe include:

4 Everyday Basic Bras
(3 in a neutral color, 1 in black)


  • This is your favorite, go-to bra.  It can be underwire or wire-free, seamless or seamed, contour or unlined – but it must be comfortable, fit great, and make you look amazing. 

  • Owning three of the bra you wear most often allows you to rotate them, and ensure you are not overwearing.  This means you can be wearing one, have one in your drawer, and one in the laundry.

  • At least one of these bras should be a T-shirt style – something that has a little bit of lining.  We all own some thin tops in fine knits, and a T-shirt bra is great for “dimming the headlights”!

  • It’s important to have a black bra in your wardrobe.  They’re great for wearing under dark colors, or when you feel like wearing something a little sexy.

1 Demi or Plunge Bra


  • This is a great style to have for those low necklines – v-neck, scoopneck, or sweetheart.  When the top of your bra shows, it ruins the look and creates a major fashion faux pas.  Play it safe with a lower-cut style!

1 Push-Up Bra


  • Sometimes, you just need that “wow” factor.  Great for special occasion dresses, lower necklines, or when you just want to show off how fabulous you are!

1 Convertible Bra


  • This is an essential for every woman’s wardrobe.  A good convertible bra has interchangeable straps that can create a strapless, criss-cross, or halter style.  Some convertible bras can become low-back styles with a third strap, and some come with clear straps.  This is one of the most versatile bras you will own, and it’s great for a variety of tops.

2 Strapless Bras

(1 black, 1 nude)


  • A great strapless bra can be hard to find, but once you own one that fits you perfectly and offers great support, you’ll use it frequently.  A strapless bra is great for strapless and halter tops, or other styles with tricky necklines. 

  • Make sure the band size in your strapless bra is small enough to offer support.  Often, the underlying problem in strapless bras that constantly head south is that they are not tight enough across the back.  Also look for styles with small strips of silicone across the back, which help to hold the bra in place.

  • Own one in nude and one in black, to meet every wardrobe need.

1 Racerback or T-Back Bra


  • A racerback bra is another great versatile style.  Perfect for tanks that cut in further on the shoulders and other sleeveless styles. 

  • If you have problems with your straps sliding off your shoulders, a racerback can be a great option for you. 

  • If you are full-busted, be careful about the racerback style you choose.  Because the straps are placed closer to your neck, if they are not wide enough they can create too much pressure on your shoulders and cause pain.

 1 Sports Bra

(or more if you lead an active lifestyle)


  • We can’t stress enough the important of good breast support while exercising.  A good sports bra will minimize bouncing and movement while exercising, preventing pain and sagging that can result from breakdown of the breast tissue.

  • Depending on the intensity of your workouts, you may need a different level of support from your sports bra.  If you participate in different sports or exercise, you may need several different sports bra.

  • Even if you don’t engage in any high-impact exercise, a sports bra can be a great thing to own – many women use them for everything from gardening and golf to a little extra support while sleeping.

1 Minimizer Bra

(If you have a fuller bust)


  • Most minimizers will reduce your bust size by around 1 full inch.  The bra does this by spreading your breast tissue, so you do not see as much forward projection.

  • Not every woman will need to own a minimizer style, but it’s a good investment if you are full busted.  They’re especially great under blouses and button-down shirts, to prevent the gapping or pulling between buttons that can result from your chest straining the fabric.  A minimizer quickly and easily solves that problem!

  • Even if you love a minimizer style, make sure you are not wearing one every day.  It’s perfectly healthy to wear occasionally, but because the style compresses your breast tissue, it can lead to loss of natural elasticity in your breasts if worn too frequently.


1 Lacy, Sexy,

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bra


  • Because we ALL need to look and feel incredible sometimes!  Great for special occasions, or when you just need a little pick-me-up, the “wow” bra should be part of every woman’s lingerie wardrobe.

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