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The infamous Wish Wrap®! Super soft, comfortable wrap with Wish Pocket:

• One Size. Dimensions 56" x 49. Lofty 1/2" thick
• Makes a great gift
• Inspirational colors
• Ultra soft plush fabric
• Easy Care. Machine Washable/Tumble Dry

Wish Wrap®

SKU: WFWwrap
  • 100% polyester

  • The Seaglass Aqua Wish Wrap® inspires perspective ~ Reflect on your experiences. Discover clarity. 

    The Granite Grey Wish Wrap® inspires strength ~ Manifest the courage to pursue your goals or face adversity.

    The Hyacinth Purple Wish Wrap® inspires sincerity ~ Speak truly with a genuine spirit.

    The Onyx Black Wish Wrap® inspires Resilience ~ Attract confidence in your strength and abilities. 

    The  Rosemary Green Wish Wrap® inspires Renewal  ~  Awaken to rejuvenation.

    The Indigo Navy Wish Wrap® inspires awareness ~ Appreciate what is. 

    The Cloud White Wish Wrap® inspires Acceptance ~  Consent to Acknowledge.

    The Wildflower Orange Wish Wrap® inspires Determination ~  Bold persistent fortitude. 

    The Acorn Brown Wish Wrap® inspires Potential ~ Blossom in the promise of possible.

    The Moonstone Grey Wish Wrap® inspires Grace ~ Enhanced by goodness and beauty.

    The Crystal Blue Wish Wrap® inspires Tranquility ~ Stillness of calm repose.

    The Crimson Red Wish Wrap® inspires Courage ~ Spirit of fearless valor.