Modern Laundry Care for the laundry you love! Perfect for lingerie, swimwear, knits, quilts, dresses, workout gear and all the delicates you love most. This travel-friendly bottle will give you 18+ washes. Hand wash or use in your washing machine.Scentless:What does clean smell like? For sensitive noses and those who aren't fans of fragrance, Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) completely fragrance-free. It’s a fresh and ultra-clear way to take care of the laundry you love most.

Soak | 3oz Wash Scentless

  • • Pour one teaspoon (or one squeeze) of Soak into a gallon of cool water. Make sure there’s enough room for water to completely cover the item.
    • Soak it for 15 minutes. Leaving it to soak for longer is okay, but 15 minutes is all you need.
    • Gently squeeze out water. No need to rinse.
    • Some color may bleed into the water, but don’t worry, this won’t harm your garment. (Still, it’s a good idea to test fabric for color-fastness before washing.)
    • Gently squeeze out excess water. Use a dry towel to roll up the item and squeeze out moisture.
    • Lay items flat to dry.
    • Wash sets (like lingerie) together.
    • One capful (or squeeze) of the 12 oz bottle or two capfuls of the 3 oz bottle for a gallon (basically a sink full) of water. Make sure there’s enough room for water to move around and cover the garment while it soaks.