Modern Laundry Care for the laundry you love! Perfect for lingerie, swimwear, knits, quilts, dresses, workout gear and all the delicates you love most. This full size bottle will give you 75+ washes.Lacey:Lacey is a material girl, soft and sweet. This modern scent combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance. One wash, and you'll fall in love with the modern, feminine fragrance. Invite her home and you’ll never let her go.

Soak | 12oz Wash Lacey

SKU: S07
  • • Pour one teaspoon (or one squeeze) of Soak into a gallon of cool water. Make sure there’s enough room for water to completely cover the item.
    • Soak it for 15 minutes. Leaving it to soak for longer is okay, but 15 minutes is all you need.
    • Gently squeeze out water. No need to rinse.
    • Some color may bleed into the water, but don’t worry, this won’t harm your garment. (Still, it’s a good idea to test fabric for color-fastness before washing.)
    • Gently squeeze out excess water. Use a dry towel to roll up the item and squeeze out moisture.
    • Lay items flat to dry.
    • Wash sets (like lingerie) together.
    • One capful (or squeeze) of the 12 oz bottle or two capfuls of the 3 oz bottle for a gallon (basically a sink full) of water. Make sure there’s enough room for water to move around and cover the garment while it soaks.